Watch Teenage Zombies (1959) For Free

What happens when a mad scientist wants to turn everyone in America into a “zombie”? Why of course she tests it out on some unsuspecting teens.  I know that’s where I’d start.

Wikipedia lists some of the major problems with this “film”:

  • The movie was criticized for its use of stock footage from feature films by Jerry Warren, who later used it in his most famous film, 1981’s Frankenstein Island.
  • Although water-skiing is repeatedly referenced (and may be implied), there is no actual footage of water-skiing anywhere in the film.
  • As with similar zombie-films of this era (such as Bela Lugosi’s Bowery at Midnight), the zombies in this film are markedly unlike those portrayed in contemporary zombie-films. Instead, the zombies in Teenage Zombies appear like hypnotized persons.

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