Halloween Ornaments At Hallmark

Normally when you think “Hallmark Ornaments”, you think all sorts of Christmas stuff, but there is some definite gems there for the Halloween lovers, also.

The Hallmark Christmas ornaments have started coming out for this year, and there are at least two that should appeal to Halloween fans. ┬áThere is the Jack Skellington “Jack Skellington’s Surprise” from Nightmare Before Christmas (pictured to the right) and “A Spirited Duet” from Corpse Bride in the main Keepsake ornament line this year.

Some Hallmark stores also have a small selection of Halloween ornaments that include characters from the Peanuts comic strip dressed up in costumers, and a musical ornament that plays the song “Monster Mash” with a little green monster on it. ┬áThese ornaments are very much of the “cute” variety, but if you’re looking to do up a Halloween tree or the such, they’re perfect.

While the two Tim Burton ornaments appear to be in all Hallmark stores, I’ve only found the Halloween ones in one of the two stores I’ve visited, so I’m not sure how common they are.

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