Top 40 Free iPhone Halloween Apps

Halloween has come into the modern age in a big way with the Internet, but is there anything more modern than Halloween themed apps for your iPhone and iPod Touch?

We’ve gathered up forty of the best free iPhone Halloween apps for you to enjoy this holiday season. All of the links take you to their description pages, and from there you can launch iTunes to download them.

Halloween Attraction Guide Apps

Halloweenville: A guide to various Halloween themed attractions around the country with information on each.

Haunted Places: See a guide to Halloween attractions in your area on a map that will ease your need to locate them.

Halloween Entertainment Apps

100+ Halloween Costumes: Shake your iPhone or iPod Touch for another idea for a Halloween costume if you are lacking in inspiration this year.

Free True Ghost Stories from Around the World: Enjoy ten of the best ghost stories from all around the world each week.

Halloween Countdown: Count down the days remaining to your favorite holiday with spooky music and pictures.

Halloween Mask My Face: Select from various masks and place them over people’s faces in photos that you take with your built-in camera.

Halloween3D:  Dress up the scarecrow with various Halloween-themed items and then take a screenshot you can send to friends.

Halloween Wallpaper HQ: A large selection of Halloween-themed wallpapers for your iPhone or iPod Touch that can be saved to your library and then set as the device background.

Halloween WordSearch: A free app that has spooky backgrounds and music to entertain you as search for Halloween-themed words in the various puzzles.

Lite-Up Halloween Pumpkin: Add a ghastly glowing Jack-O-Lantern to your iOS device, and when you shake your handset the color it shows changes to one of six different lighting effects.

Movie Costume: Use over 200 items to dress up photos of friends, family and yourself to look like famous movie characters or mix them up.

Pranktionary – Halloween Edition: A directory of various Halloween pranks you can play on friends, family and co-workers.

Pumpkin Blast Free: Shoot out the boxes from under the Jack O’ Lantern to land it safely on the platfrom.  Shoot the wrong one and it splats to the ground.

Pumpkin Carnage Free: A cannon game that has you clearing  a path for a flying pumpkin.

Scary Piano Free – Halloween Edition: Play this free piano app with a scary, spooky voice laughing in the background.

Tap Tap Race – Halloween Edition: This is not a full game of Tap Tap Race, but instead is a shortened version that will pop up a scary face during the game to scare your friends as they attempt to play the game.

Voodoo Doll Halloween’s Story: What if a Voodoo doll had a mind of its own and felt bad about the evil done with it?  Check out this charming story about one Voodoo doll’s life one Halloween night.

Halloween Game Apps

AdLibs Lite: Halloween Edition: We all remember MadLibs from our school days, well now you can play the game on your iPhone or iPod Touch, and this one in particular is all Halloween themed.

Ballz! – Lite Halloween: Play nine levels of the game where you get three balls of a similar type to line up and then watch as they disappear for more to appear.  As you pop them, your progress meter fills up.

Crazy Snowboard – Halloween Lite: It’s a lite version of Crazy Snowboard, but with Halloween costumes for the riders and some spooky themes for the obstacles.

Ghost Pop: Try to pop all of the ghosts that come flying at you over Halloween-themed images.

Ghostbuster: Knock out the ghosts flying around so that they can’t haunt other people.  Take out 35 of them to progress to the next level.

Halloween Bermuda Rectangle Lite: Make four icons math at the corners of a rectangle to see all the contents disappear.

Halloween Chicktionary Lite: A Halloween-themed version of the popular Chicktionary game where all of the hens are dressed up for Halloween in various costumes.  This is the free “lite” (read: trial) version, there is a paid full version also available.

Halloween Hounds & Kitties: Just a simple collection of images of dogs and cats with Halloween themes to them.

Halloween WordSearch: A free app that has spooky backgrounds and music to entertain you as search for Halloween-themed words in the various puzzles.

Haunted Cemetary Lite: A lite version of a game that has you shooting various spooks and ghouls before they can get to you and attack you.

Jack O’ Lantern Challenge – Free: Race against the clock to match as many Jack O’ Lanterns as you can.

Manic Pumpkin: Use the tilting abilities of your iPhone or iPod Touch to fly a pumpking through an obstacle course dodging objects or jumping over them.

MonsterMatch: A simple card memory game where you flip over tiles and try to remember where the matching one is.

Tic Tac Halloween FREE: A tic-tac-toe game that uses Halloween icons for the Xs and Os.

Whack O Lantern: Just like Whack A Mole, except you’re going after Jack O’ Lanterns.

Halloween Sound & Music Apps

Free Halloween Sounds Pro: Plays 15 different spooky sounds with different horrifying background music.

Halloween Box: Halloween Box gives you Halloween sounds along with the a short story that tells you the history of the holiday.

Horror Movie Sounds: Plays a collection of various horror movie sounds.

iHalloween – Halloween Sound Collection: Features three different spooky Halloween music themes and 18 terrifying sound effects such as heartbeats, witch’s cackling and more.

Scary Sounds: Play an assortment of different spooky and scary sounds.

Singing Pumpkins: Tap the Jack-O-Lanterns to hear them start singing.

Skull: Make a 3D skull talk with pre-recorded messages included with it or record your own to hear your voice change and have the skull speak the words.

Sounds!Scary: Choose a background setting and then play all sorts of different spooky sounds.

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  1. vee says:

    100 Horror Stories, Sounds, and Scares for iPhone – Very fun and unique. Classic horror stories (Dracula, Frankentstein, etc) Actually creepy sounds. They also have the ‘pranks’ some you can control, some you won’t know they’re coming. Perfect for Halloween!

  2. Marc says:

    Also check out our FREE iSoundGrid Halloween App at!

  3. Sharon says:

    Here’s a free iPhone app that just came out earlier this week: It’s called Decoretta Lite. You can email e-Greeting Cards to friends and family from your iPhone. The messages are animated if you view them on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It’s great because the app updates after every holiday so you can use it all year round to send friendly messages or party invitations. Once Halloween is over, the app will be Thanksgiving themed!

  4. gretch says:

    I really think FrightBox is the scariest app on iPhone.

  5. Lonely Indie says:

    Also check out the new released iPhone Game “Candy Fever”
    It’s a cool free Halloween game with a cool Halloween theme.
    Try to get as much candy as ou can :)

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