Skull Speakers Perfect For Your Halloween Parties

No Halloween party, or spooky front porch on Oct. 31st, is complete without spooky sound effects, but instead of hiding your speakers, why not make them part of the decor?

While we can’t give you any idea of what the sound quality of these speakers is, they will certainly fit into any Halloween-themed event. These Skull speakers are available through SkyMall for $59.95.

You may think the fact that these speakers are strictly for computers as they’re only input is USB, and that shouldn’t be a concern. ┬áIf you’re having a party, make a Halloween playlist in iTunes of the music/sounds you want, and then hide the laptop under the table.

If you’re using them outside on the porch (don’t let hem get in the rain, and take them in every night), simply run through the USB cable through a slightly cracked window so the laptop just sis on the other side.

If you give them a go, let us know what you think of them!

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