Where To Find Free Pumpkin Carving Templates

The other day we ran a video about how to properly carve a pumpkin for Halloween, but now we realize a lot of you would be more comfortable with a pattern you could use to follow. Luckily there are a lot of free options online to help you that.  Here are four we can recommend.

About.com: About.com features several self-hosted templates as well as links to a lot of other pumpkin carving site archives where you can print out a wide variety of themed templates.

CarvingPumpkins.com: This site offers a mix of free templates as well as “premium” templates that you have to pay for, but combined the site offers over 1,000 different templates.

dltk-holidays.com: This site features an assortment 39 pumpkin templates of varying degrees of difficulty.  Some range from traditional to messages such as “Give Blood”.

eHow: eHow has about 40 regular free pumpkin carving templates as well as all the letters of the alphabet so you can do monogram cuttings if you wish.

And if you’re feeling brave, here’s a tutorial on how you can make your own.

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