Halloween Safety Tips

With Halloween night almost upon us, it’s time to think about how to best keep your kids safe as they head out to collect all of their candies for the year.

The rules really haven’t changed for as long as I’ve been alive, but it always amazes me how people will ignore some of the most basic principles of safety and/or common sense.  Luckily KFOX 14 out of Texas has printed a great list of safety tips suggested to them by their local police.

  1. Parents should accompany their children at all times. Do not leave your children unattended or unsupervised, especially younger children.
  2. Children should wear costumes that are visible in the dark. Light colored costumes are preferable but if the costume is dark, some kind of reflective material or tape should be used.
  3. Carry some form of light, preferably a flashlight.
  4. Check your children’s candy before they eat it. Watch out for candy that appears to have been tampered with and be aware of any home made or unpacked treats.
  5. Watch for traffic. Do not let your children run in and out of the street, keep them on the sidewalks.
  6. If you’re driving, watch out for children darting into traffic. Slow down especially in residential areas. Drive with extreme caution, because dark costumes may be very hard to see.
  7. Respect those who wish not to participate. If the front porch light is off, chances are they are not giving out candy.
  8. Have children stay within the neighborhood; only visit familiar homes.

Of the utmost importance if the safety of your kids, but also remember to keep them safe out there folks!

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