What To Do With Your Jack O’ Lanterns

It’s been over a week since Halloween now, have you disposed of your Jack O’ Lantern yet? Or are you one of those people that is going to let it sit there until it looks more disturbing than anything you saw out walking around that night Trick or Treating? Luckily there are some ideas out there for what you can do with them.

The good folks over at WikiHow put together a list of the things you can do with the pumpkins.  We’re not too sure about the pickling the skin one, but some of the other ideas are really good like making it into a bit of a science experiment with ants.  Great way to entertain students at school and teach them a lesson about nature!

If you’re a gardener, composting seems like a no-brainer.

We only bring this up because in years past I have seen people leave their pumpkins/Jack O’ Lanterns sitting out for months until they reach such a point of disgusting that you have to believe they’ve become a health hazard to anyone who comes near them.

Come on folks, get them off the porch and do something with creative with them!

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