Have You Checked Out The Halloween Sales?

Halloween 2010 has come and gone, but have you given any thought to costumes for Halloween 2011 yet?

Although it’s been a little over two weeks since Halloween, stores are still trying to clear out their overstocks of costumes, make-up, accessories, plastic pumpkins and more. The picture in this post was taken at our local Walmart this weekend, and there were many more carts than the two shown here.

So, why should you buy products now?  Well, “staple” costumes like vampires and ninjas never go out of style, picking these up now are a safe bet.  And why not get ones for the kids to play dress up in through out the year?  At $2, what can it really hurt?

The only things we suggest you don’t purchase in advance is make-up as it can be very sensitive to how it is stored.  Too hot, to dry or any other number of factors and it can be useless in a fairly short period of time.

Just like you find incredible bargains after Christmas on those types of items, the same oes for Halloween.  We would suggest not waiting much longer, however.

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